Course 1

SEPT 18TH – 19TH 2021

As a player for the MusikFermata Workshop I had a great experience playing Stravinsky The Rite of Spring and working with the conducting class as Paul Murphy shared his immense knowledge and expertise of the piece.

The Workshops were well structured with both podium time and an opportunity after each session for each conductor to reflect on their session with Paul Murphy. An extremely supportive and encouraging atmosphere created very positive experience for conductors and players alike.

It was clear that a great deal of thought had gone into the design of the course both musically and in the practicalities which made it a great success.

Member of the orchestra

I had an absolutely wonderful experience at the MuzikFermata workshop! Set against the incredibly beautiful backdrop of Oxford University, MuizkFermata understands the needs of developing young conductors and meets those needs in an organized, intensive, and supportive environment.

Course leader and conductor Paul Murphy is extremely knowledgable, forthright, and kind, and his dedication to the score and to the musicians was totally inspiring. I am so happy to have met the amazing organizers, musicians, and fellow participants, and would certainly attend the course again!


Holding the course over two days with the Zoom preparation gave Conductors the time to understand the way that a notoriously tricky orchestral piece fits together and get to grips with conducting it and also time to take risks.

The structure enabled time to understand the theatrical identity of the work then shift the focus on the second day to refining musical details including how to rehearse effectively.

Constructive dialogue and positive working atmosphere encouraged all of the musicians in the room were able to contribute and support the conductors. As a player, I came away from the course with a much greater appreciation of the challenges.

Member of the orchestra

I am happy to highly recommend Muzikfermata , whose innovative masterclasses explore repertoire often inaccessible elsewhere and in a unique way. The set up and venue, along with the exemplary professional players, provided ideal conditions in which to work. The coaches have specialised knowledge, for example, it was a very welcome opportunity not just to work on the Rite of Spring, but to discuss and explore adaptations that need be made for the differing contexts of concert performance and ballet. Additionally, the organisation of the classes was excellent throughout. I look forward very much to another suitable opportunity on which to attend.

Samantha Reagan